Unlock The Secrets of Your Metabolic Health

Our state-of-the-art DIY Dry Blood & Dry Urine Home Test powered by FMD is designed to give you a detailed analysis of your gut health and nutritional profile, providing insights into over 46 key parameters.

Take control of your health today

  1. Collect Samples at Home: On booking the test you will receive our home kit with easy-to-follow instructions to collect a small blood sample from a single finger prick and urine samples.
  2. Send to Our Laboratory: When you're ready we collect the dried samples and send it to our trusted lab partners for analysis.
  3. Receive Detailed Results: After 7 days, receive a comprehensive report detailing your gut & metabolic health and nutritional profile. With personalized, actionable insights and recommendations

No guesswork, no counting calories, and no more generic advice.


1. Vitamin Levels & Metabolism:

  • Analyze levels of essential vitamins including A, D, E, K, and the full spectrum of B vitamins.
  • Assess your body’s efficiency in metabolizing these vitamins, ensuring you get the most out of your diet and supplements.

2. Carbohydrate & Fat Metabolism:

  • Evaluate how effectively your body processes carbohydrates and fats, critical for maintaining energy balance and a healthy weight.

3. Gut Dysbiosis:

  • Identify imbalances in your gut microbiota that could be affecting digestion, immunity, and overall health.

4. Energy Production Metabolism:

  • Gain insights into your cellular energy production, highlighting potential deficiencies in co-factors like CoQ10 and other essential nutrients.

5. Protein Intake & Amino Acid Sufficiency:

  • Measure the adequacy of your protein intake and essential amino acid levels, crucial for health maintenance, cellular repair, and overall body function.

6. Muscle Catabolism:

  • Detect markers of muscle breakdown, helping you understand if your body is preserving or degrading muscle tissue.

7. Mineral Sufficiency:

  • Assess levels of vital minerals such as magnesium, zinc, Selenium, iron and more of what is important for immune function, gut, brain, hormonal, and overall health.

8. Oxalate Metabolism:

  • Evaluate the efficiency of your oxalate metabolism to prevent potential kidney stones and other related health issues.

9. Natural Detoxification Process:

  • Understand the health of your body’s detoxification pathways, ensuring you are effectively eliminating toxins.