"We will all grow old, but how we age is up to us" - Tanya

Kudos, if you're disease-free and know that it's not enough.
Ready to rise above the ordinary?

Experience superhuman performance and an improved healthspan with this ultimate starter program for biohackers.

We begin with the basics:

On your journey to more energy & improved healthspan these are the basic parameters you will work on:
1. Insulin Sensitivity
2. Inflammation
3. Macro & Micronutrient Levels & Metabolism
4. Optimized Sleep
5. Peak Gut health 

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1. Age Renew Daily Probiotic Formula
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3. Opti-Green Spirulina & Chlorella
4. Essential Amino Acid Supplement

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  • Engineering Health Program

    Embrace your Bio-individuality! Turn your blood into actionable and personalized insights and unleash superhuman performance.

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  • Gut & Metabolism Test

    No more guesswork, no counting calories, and no more generic advice. Unlock the secrets of your metabolic health with a deep dive into your gut & metabolic profile

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Want To Lead A City Chapter?

Be the leader of your city's Biohacker's community. Work with us to organize periodic biohacking meet-ups, workshops, and leverage the power of community to unleash superhuman performance.