At The Biohackers Co, our vision is to transform how India approaches health.

We’re a team of passionate, creative biohackers and researchers with a vision to make bio-individuality and biohacking easy, accessible and affordable.

We believe that while we will all grow old but how we age is upto us!

- Tanya Malik

Our Mission

Drive proactive health for enhanced healthspan!

We harness functional nutrition, microbiome research and longevity science to empower each individual with personalized tools and strategies.

The Biohacker's Values

  • Research: we are passionate about what we do, that is why you will find us constantly experimenting and learning.
  • Integrity: We walk the talk. Everything we offer is tried, tested and used by us and our loved ones.
  • Innovation: True Biohackers, we are always pushing the envelope to optimize health at every step.

Tanya Malik

A Biohacker, TEDx Speaker, Functional Nutrition Coach, & Founder of The Biohackers Co. Tanya is driven by a passion to harness the power of epigenetics and functional nutrition to create bio-individual, proactive, health strategies.
Tanya has successfully reversed her PCOS, hypothyroidism, and even reversed her biological age by a decade, showcasing the profound effects of bio-individual health strategies.

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