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Athletic Boost Daily Probiotic

Athletic Boost Daily Probiotic

India’s first-of-its-kind direction probiotic blend formulated by microbiome scientists to address the Gut-Energy Axis vital for peak physical performance. Featuring a blend of key probiotics, designed to ensure optimal gut health, improve muscle recovery and strength, aiding in superior athletic performance.



Improved Vision

Gut Balance

Enhanced Cognitive Function

Clinically Studied Strains

Optimized Hormonal Health

Enhanced Muscle Recovery

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Unleash your Inner Athlete with a clean, superior probiotic built by biohackers

Each ingredient and nutrient is selected for its scientific efficacy, superior absorption and synergistic impact

Babies Artiates Leaves Biobots

Gut Microbiome

Nourish & Balance Gut Bacteria

Burdock Root

Enhance Recovery

Reduce fatigue, enhance muscle repair, & carbohydrate metabolism

Spearmint Leaves

Reduced Inflammation

Heal oxidative stress & reduces inflammation

Spearmint Leaves

Energy Regulation

Support ATP production, improve glucose availability & reducing lactate accumulation.

What’s Inside?

Clinically Studied Strains

Clinically Studied Strains

Lactobacillus: enhances nutrient absorption, reduces serum cholesterol, reduces inflammation and oxidative stress.

Bifidobacterium: reduces intestinal permeability & inflammation, improves fat oxidation & energy expenditure.

Saccharomyces boulardii: Heals gut health by addressing antibiotic-associated dysbiosis, & enhances the production of short-chain fatty acids.

Prebiotic FOS


Vitamin B6 & B12: Crucial for energy metabolism and muscle recovery. Reduce fatigue, enhance muscle repair, and carbohydrate metabolism.


Prebiotic Inulin

Promotes the growth of beneficial gut bacteria and enhances feelings of fullness.



A key mineral for muscle function, energy production, and electrolyte balance. Magnesium supports ATP production, reduces oxidative stress, and enhances exercise performance by improving glucose availability and reducing lactate accumulation.


Research-backed ingredients and nutrients, formulated by functional nutritionists & microbiome researchers. Manufactured at a GMP, ISO, FDA-certified plant.